Women and HIV International Clinical Conference (WHICC) 2016


The South Central AIDS Education & Training Center (SCAETC) is delighted to announce its 12th annual “Women & HIV International Clinical Conference”. This year's conference will be a regional tour with multiple face-to-face events. Events will be held in San Antonio, TX, Dallas, TX, New Orleans, LA, and Little Rock, AR. Topics and speakers will vary at each location. More information on each event will be available on the pages listed below. Our goal is to empower clinicians to provide care to women living with or at risk of contracting HIV and related diseases.


Presentations will focus on various topics along the HIV Care Continuum and comorbidities like human papillomavirus (HPV) among women in the US.  Other topics to be discussed will include reproduction, linkage to care, and HIV/AIDS substance abuse.  The list of presenters consists of physicians and other health professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the US and abroad regarding the diagnosis and treatment of HIV; as well as psycho-social interventions to promote prevention and living longer and healthier lives with HIV.


Learning Objective:

At the end of conference participants will be able to:
Discuss treatment options related to HIV and HPV co-infection in women
Describe the epidemiologic trends and management of sexually transmitted infections
Discuss the clinical management of substance abuse issues in HIV positive women
Summarize the healthcare challenges faced by African American women and Latina's and how clinicians can improve their care

Target Audience:

Dentist , Health Educator , Mental Health Professional , Nurse practitioner , Public Health Professional , Pharmacist , Physician , Physician Assistant , Social Worker

CE Credits:

Certificates of Attendance

 CE Accreditation

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See each WHICC event page by clicking on the links below for each respective conference location.

San Antonio WHICC- April 15, 2016

Dallas WHICC-May 25, 2016

New Orleans WHICC-June 3, 2016

Little Rock WHICC-June 24, 2016


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