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NEW! Twelve Tips: 12 Considerations for Providing Timely HIV/AIDS Care

This brochure provides 12 at-a-glance basic considerations for clinicians to keep in mind when providing HIV treatment and care. It includes the natural history of HIV infection, the difference between HIV and AIDS, when to start HAART, co-morbidities to watch for and other timely tips.

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Hepatitis Pocket Card

This card is to serve as a guide for prescribing clinicians in treating clients with HIV and co-morbidities of Hepatitis B or C.  This flow chart discusses lab values, medications, and other considerations for managing Hepatitis in the HIV client. 

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Traveling to Mexico and Latin America: A Guide for Persons Living with HIV/AIDS (English & Spanish Version)
This brochure includes helpful tips for persons with HIV/AIDS traveling to Mexico and Latin America as well as contact information to help the patient obtain the names, phone numbers and addresses of doctors who take care of people living with HIV/AIDS, at or near where they are going.

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Texas Perinatal HIV Guidelines

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Compiled by the Texas Consortium for Perinatal HIV Prevention, this 23-page handbook provides the health care professional with guidelines and recommendations for the prevention of perinatal HIV transmission in Texas.


Crossing the Border: Continuity of Care for HIV-Infected Patients Returning to Mexico
Crossing the Border: Continuity of Care for HIV-Infected Patients
Source: U.S./Mexico Border AETC Steering Team (UMBAST); Pacific AETC, Mountain Plains AETC; Texas/Oklahoma AETC and AETC National Resource Center

*Designed to be in conjunction with the one-page handout entitled: Recommendations for Providers Assisting HIV Patients Returning to Mexico

Assisting PLWHAs Returning to Mexico and other Latin American Countries
Assisting PLWHAs Returning to Mexico and other Latin American Countries: A Pilot Project

Clinicians Bi-National Roundtable

IV National Summit of HIV Treatment Educators

HIV Clinical Education and Bi-National Collaboration on the Texas/New Mexico Border

Mexico Antiretroviral Drugs/U.S. Comparison

U.S. Mexico Border Resource Directory






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