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The TX/OK AIDS Education & Training Center (TX/OK AETC) in collaboration with the Colorado AIDS Education & Training Center (CAETC) is proud to announce "A Webinar Series on Women & HIV: Clinical Concepts from WHICC", a webinar series consisting of experts in the field of treating women with HIV, which will feature an interactive web-based approach to learning. 


HIV has disproportionally affected women, particularly those who live in poverty and under unstable housing conditions. Borders around the globe are characterized for higher levels of poverty and high rates of population mobilization, violence and human trafficking add to the milieu of conditions that increase women’s risk for HIV infection. Access to care and effective antiretroviral therapy might pose particular challenges in this already disadvantage population. There is a feminization pattern identified in those who migrate for work related reasons.

The US National HIV/AIDS Strategy calls for improved access and decrease in the number of new infections.  This webinar series aims to address the issues that migrant women face in regard to HIV infection. 


Overall Series Objectives

At the end of this conference, participants should be able to:

    1. Identify two risk factors for HIV infection in migrant women.
    2. Develop a continuity of care plan for HIV infected women who plan to travel.
    3. State two approaches to reproductive needs of mobile HIV infected women.



The following topics will be offered, listed in order of time.

    • Session 1 - HIV in Migrant Women
    • Session 2 - Reproduction Needs in Migrant Women
    • Session 3 - Panel: HIV & Human Trafficking
    • Session 4 - HIV Treatment Update
    • Session 5 - Global Health Comes Homes; HIV in the US Foreign-Born Population
    • Session 6 - Risk Factors for and Prevention of Vaginal Transmission of HIV to Women

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Technical Information

The webinar was broadcast LIVE via the Internet including audio, the speaker's image, and PowerPoint presentation via Adobe Connect Pro. 

Each session time is 60 minutes in total length.  Each presenter will speak for approximately 45 minutes with 15 minutes for Q&A. 

Presentations are designed to enhance audience interaction, therefore participants will be asked to participate in polling questions throughout the presentation. 


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Pre-registration required.  Registration will close on April 18th


Target Audience

Advanced - Expert Level Clinicians

Physicians, Physician Assistants, Nurses, and other health care professionals caring for people with HIV.


System Requirements

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