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NEW! 2012 Texas STD & HIV Epidemiologic Profile - This epidemiologic profile was created to assist planners, public health professionals, policy makers and other stakeholders at the local and state level. It is a snapshot of sexually transmitted disease (STD) and infection with Human Immodeficiency Virus (HIV) as of the end of 2012. (Posted: March 2014)


Send Lawyers, Guides & Money: Legal Services Needs of People Living with HIV in the Southern U.S. - responses of persons with HIV and those who provide services to them to questions about discrimination and other barriers to basic needs, and how they fared with accessing legal help to resolve those barriers. (Posted: March 2014)

A Guide to the Clinical Care of Women with HIV/AIDS - Guide addresses primary care needs unique to women with HIV infection. The guide includes tables, figures, color plates, resources, references, and indices. (Posted: February 2014)

Recommendations for Testing, Managing, and Treating Hepatitis C - produced by the Infectious Diseases Society of America and the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases. (Posted: February 2014)

2014 National ADAP Monitoring Project Annual Report - The National ADAP Monitoring Project is NASTAD’s long-standing effort to document new developments and challenges facing AIDS Drug Assistance Programs (ADAPs), assessing key trends over time and providing the latest available data on the status of ADAPs. For the last 19 years, NASTAD has provided comprehensive analysis about ADAPs through The Report. (Posted: February 2014)

Putting Patients First - Putting Patients First® is an initiative launched by the National Health Council to connect people living with chronic diseases and disabilities to resources and organizations focused on their particular needs. (Posted: February 2014)

Fair Pricing Coalition (FPC) Policy Guide - Health Insurance Marketplace Plans and People Living with HIV and/or Viral Hepatitis: The Affordable Care Act Requires Fair Drug Pricing and Access (Posted: February 2014)

Antiretroviral Drugs Available in the United States & Mexico - Compiled by the U.S.-Mexico Border AETC Steering Team. This chart was developed to facilitate continuity of care for people living with HIV who may receive care in both the United States and Mexico. While most HIV medications are now available in both countries, some are sold under different brand names. (Posted: February 2014)

CONCEPTS: A Health Department Response to the HIV, STD and Virus Hepatitis Epidemics Among Gay Men/MSM in the United States - Assembled by NASTAD’s Gay Men’s Health Equity Work Group, “CONCEPTS” highlights how state and territorial health departments are addressing the health inequities facing gay men and other men who have sex with men (MSM). The document was designed as a way for health departments to share their efficacious strategies for addressing the needs of gay men of all races and ethnicities . (Posted: February 2014)

The State of the National Vaccine Plan 2013 Annual Report - The State of the National Vaccine Plan, the first of what will be an annual report, provides an overview of recent accomplishments and progress made by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and its partners that fall under the five goals of the 2010 National Vaccine Plan. The 2010 National Vaccine Plan provides a guiding vision for vaccines and immunization in the United States for the decade 2010–2020. (Posted: February 2014)

Progress Along the Continuum of HIV Care Among Blacks with Diagnosed HIV - The study looked at outcomes for adult and adolescent blacks, both male and female, who have HIV for the five stages of the HIV continuum of care, including HIV diagnosis, linkage to care, staying in care, getting antiretroviral therapy (ART), and achieving a low amount of HIV virus in the body, referred to as viral suppression. These are the steps of the continuum of care and critical steps in our HIV prevention efforts. (Posted: February 2014)

Know Your Patients' Rights Under the ACA - The Affordable Care Act (ACA) established new protections allowing medical providers to challenge adverse health plan coverage decisions. The HIV Medicine Association (HIVMA) has created a simple fact sheet to help HIV providers assist their patients with the process of appeals. (Posted: February 2014)

Recommendations for Testing, Managing, and Treating Hepatitis C - To provide healthcare professionals with timely guidance, the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases (AASLD) and the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) in collaboration with the International Antiviral Society-USA (IAS-USA) have developed a web-based process for the rapid formulation and dissemination of evidence-based, expert-developed recommendations for hepatitis C management. (Posted: February 2014)

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